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Welcome to Worcester!
Bienvenido! Akwaaba! Mirë se vjen! Bem-vindo! خوش باش ! 歡迎光臨!
We love Worcester and are committed to this New England city on the rise. And we want to see more and more people in Worcester experience what happened on the road to Emmaus (Luke 24:13-48) when Jesus met two people on their journey. In one of their darkest moments of fear and doubt, these people's lives were changed forever as Jesus loved them, broke bread with them, and sent them to share the life-transforming good news they received from Him with as many as possible.

Like Jesus did in the story of the travelers to Emmaus, we want to join with others on their journeys in Worcester neighborhoods, workplaces, schools, shelters, rehab centers, and bars and encounter Jesus in those spaces as He transforms all our stories. We invite you to join with us as we follow Jesus in every area of life, graciously loving our neighbors, and generously serving our city.

Worcester, MA Info:

  • Nicknames: The City of Seven Hills, Wormtown, Heart of the Commonwealth
  • Incorporated as a city: 1848 A.D.
  • Population: 200,000+
  • Demographics: 60% White, 20% Hispanic or Latino, 11% African or African American, 6% Asian, 3% Other
  • Recognition: One of the Top 10 Most Livable Cities in the U.S. by Forbes; One of the Top U.S. Cities to Live for People Ages 20 to 29 by BusinessWeek; One of the Top 20 Cities in the U.S. for Immigrants
  • Economic Drivers: Higher Education, Health Care, BioTech Research, Financial Services, Green Energy, Manufacturing, Restauranteurs

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