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By God’s grace, we are not limited by what we do but by how we do it. No matter our setting, with imagination we can dignify it. Remake this broken world, even just a little right here, right now.

Consider these

Story Questions


Why has God placed me here

right now with my work?


Where do I see brokenness

(in me, others, systems) where I work?

Covenant Community

What "garden" has God given me

to work and to grow with others?

Christ (Cross + Crown)

What aspect of God’s character

is reflected in my work?


How does my work

serve to love my neighbor?

New Creation

What might my work look like

when all things are made new?

With Emmaus City Church, we aim to ask each other questions like these as well as interview people during our Sabbath gatherings in order to discover how our work interacts with the Story of God. This practice of learning how faith connects to work can help us understand how Jesus sets us free to work well and rest well.

As Jim Mullins writes in The Symphony of Mission, discovering how God has shaped each of us to participate with Him in the work we get to do involves our:


What am I good at?


What do I care about?


Where do I encounter brokenness in the world?


What are the limiting circumstances of my life?

We want to learn with you how God has uniquely created you to bring redemption, restoration, and renewal to the work you do each day.

For a deeper exploration of these considerations:

Working Good News: With Jesus Each Day of the Work Week

The Gospel is the true story that God made a good world that was marred by sin and evil, but through Jesus Christ God redeemed it at infinite cost during Good Friday, Holy Saturday, and Resurrection Sunday, so that someday the Prince of peace, Defeater of death, and Healer of our hearts, minds, and bodies will return to renew all creation; end all suffering and death; and restore absolute peace, justice, and joy forever.

The vast implications of this Gospel — about the character of God, the goodness of the material creation, the value of the human person, the fallenness of all people and all things, the primacy of love and grace, the importance of justice and truth, the hope of redemption — affect everything, and especially our work.

+ Katherine Leary Alsdorf & Timothy Keller

Every Good Endeavor: Connecting Your Work to God's Work

Putting Your Imagination to Work

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