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We're always looking to celebrate new servant leaders God is raising up in Worcester. The goal of any leader of Emmaus City Church is to love people, help them follow Jesus, and encourage and equip City Group leaders to grow and flourish in what God has called them to do. We look forward to seeing how God will call more potential leaders like you who will grow together with us in faith, hope, and love.

Rev. Mike Sullivan
Kate Kohl
Aaron Kohl
Katie Watts
Jon Watts
Assoc. Dir. of Liturgy Arts
Rev. T.J. Weaver
Missional Resident Emeritus
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As we are part of Jesus’ local church in Worcester today, we are also thankful to be part of a historic denomination of churches that connects us to our past, a family of churches focused on equipping every believer to be a learner (i.e. disciple) of Jesus today, and a transdenominational network of churches that seeks to plant churches across the globe in the future.

Christian Reformed Church
The Christian Reformed Church traces its roots back to the 1500s while also being connected to ancient Christianity upheld by Roman Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant Christians.
The Soma family of churches hopes and prays for every man, woman, and child in our cities to have a real encounter with Jesus through a community of friends and neighbors.
Acts 29
Acts 29 is a network of churches that plants churches around the world across multiple denominations who seek to be Jesus-centered, socially conscious, and transcultural.
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