Emmaus City Church seeks to share and show the history-altering, world-restoring, and life-transforming Good News with Worcester, Massachusetts as we bring the joy and justice of His kingdom to our beloved city. We pray for and seek to bring people of all cultures together to learn to follow Jesus in community and graciously love others and generously serve the city for the glory of God.

In order to pursue this with the resources He has provided, we are praying for someone to fill this residency.

Missional Apprentice (Prayer and Praise) Residency

Description: The position is a 12-to-24 month residency. We are seeking a woman or man to gain experience and training in serving and discipling at a missional community-based urban church plant in Worcester, MA. Ethnic minority candidates are highly encouraged to apply as we desire to be a multicultural church that reflects God’s kingdom.

Role & Responsibilites: To love Jesus, Emmaus City Church, and the city of Worcester; to play a lead instrument (i.e. keyboard or guitar) and sing in a way that brings hymns, Gospel, multicultural and modern musical influences to worship times; to help develop quality singers and musicians with the Emmaus City Associate Director of Liturgy Arts, and help choose and lead songs for services; to meet with Pastor Mike weekly to review liturgy and songs; to be committed to a City Group; to gather with Emmaus City for Sabbath gatherings and Gospel Mission Trainings (GMTs); to work a steady part-time job and live in the city of Worcester; to fundraise support for any needed additional funding

Qualifications: 2-3 years of experience in a local urban church in areas of worship, song, prayer and outreach. We’re looking for a woman or man who would be described as having integrity and humility, and being gentle, peaceful, generous, hospitable, faithful, available, teachable and able to teach. If married and/or with children, we’re looking for someone who helps lead her or his family to walk in the ways of Jesus. A considered candidate would also read and agree with the “Our World Belongs to God” statement of faith as well as the “Soma Distinctives”

Time Frame: Beginning September 2018

Compensation: $1,000 each month

How to apply