Partner With Us

There are 3 ways you can partner with us:


When God moves in a city, He brings together people who are in the city, of the city, and for the city. We need and want more humble and hopeful people like you who are desiring to learn more about what it means to follow Jesus’ words, works, and ways with others.


Please pray with us in asking God to accomplish His mission in Worcester. We also need to follow His lead and we pray for Him to do much in us and through us.


In New England, it often takes 7-10 years for a new local church to become self-sustaining. You can give online or contact us to see how you can give tax-deductible gift(s) on a special or monthly basis.

As a church that prayerfully pursues planting churches around the world, Emmaus City rejoices in those who partner with us, as well as those we have the privilege to partner with in their cities.