Grow Deeper: DNA Groups

DNA groups are 3-5 women or men who are actively involved in Emmaus City Sabbath gatherings and a City Group, and are seeking to humbly grow in how they embody belief in the Good News of Jesus in every area of life. DNA stands for:


Discover more about living in light of the Good News of Jesus and His Kingdom with others.


Nurture, challenge, and encourage each other to turn from unbelief to belief in following Jesus in every area of your lives.


Act in faith to obey Jesus more in what He calls you to do through His Word and Spirit in how you work and live.

So what is a DNA Group?

DNAs are intentionally a group of 3-5 people you can become more open with over time, as well as be challenged and encouraged by. DNA groups read and memorize Scriptures together; encourage each other through presence and participation in each others’ lives; and pray for each other to reach out and share the life of Jesus with neighbors, coworkers, and friends. With a DNA participants will grow in understanding the story of God, learning more about their identity in Him, following His Spirit’s leading in sharing and showing His Good News, and responding in faith and action to His direction in specific areas of attitude and life.

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